Burberry "Warning notice to suppliers" tag


Sep 13, 2016
Just wondering if anyone is familiar with or seen the supplier tag I found on a Burberry quilted down coat (photo below). I found the coat in a factory liquidation market here in China which factories use to offload unsellable goods (for various reasons such as samples, factory seconds, cancelled orders, defects, etc...) and I know Burberry does produce in China and the tag on the coat also said Made in China but this is the first time I've ever seen this kind of tag on a Burberry item. I don't know if it it suggests it could in fact be an authentic coat or maybe all the fakes also carry this tag too. I'm totally new to Burberry.

Any insight would be much appreciated! (I didn't buy the coat, btw)


Apr 2, 2016
May not be a fake. Sometimes it's very easy to forget to remove this section of the ticket I guess, as I've received a few in the past that it on.

I also made a purchase previously and my SA removed that portion off a price ticket in front of me before scanning for payment