Burberry vs Louis Vuitton canvas quality

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  1. Hello. I'm not familiar with Burberry bags, and wonder how the quality on the Burberry canvas bags (smoked check) is comparing to Louis Vuitton canvas bags?
  2. I have both and they are equal in quality. However, sometimes the Burberry finishing is not as perfect as LV.
  3. There is a big difference in material. Burberry is made of a plastic while LV is made of a coated canvas. The quality and durability might be equal. I have had both, and they both withstood the test of time. The quality of LV is declining though while prices are getting more ridiculous.
  4. As daisygrl has said, the Burberry smoked check bag is PVC and not canvas but I would think Burberry and LV are comparable. I've used both brands, Burberry longer than LV and I think the quality are about equal. I haven't had an issue with either.
  5. The Burberry canvas bags are made in China. Does it matter?
  6. I think so… I did not realise this of Burberry at first, but now I do know, I only buy their bags that are made in Italy.
  7. I don't own a LV but I can comment on the quality of the china bags. I found that my bags that were made in China were of the same quality as the bags that weren't. I hope that helps.

  8. In supporting this statement-My Burberry canvas developed a small bubble in a year or so. When I brought it to my leather guy, he said it's a common problem and nothing he can do about it. That was my one and only Burberry bag after that 😕
  9. Hmm.. That's not well..
  10. Both of my Burberry canvas bags are made in Italy so really can't comment on the quality of the made in China ones.
  11. I do believe that the two are considerably similar. Both are very nice :smile:
  12. There are Burberry Canvas bags that are Made In Italy and ones that are Made in China but Burberry is starting to stop their Made in China bags and imported now implies more of Eastern Europe such as Moldova, Romania, Turkey etc... The quality is not much different but of course people like Made In Italy better.
  13. I have both LV and Burberry...My Burberry are all made in Italy and I have the Haymarket, My tote,wallet and shoes I do recommend Burberry very good brand:smile: Now about LV they are about the same in terms of durability and quality the only down fall on LV is the price increased:sad: Hope this will helped you decide:smile:
  14. I think they are both relatively durable.
  15. I have and love both bags and have never had a problem but mine say Made in Italy! Lucky me!!