Burberry USA online private sale, 35%-40% off

  1. Is there a code or anything I need to put in?? Cant seem to get it to work??
  2. I have the same problem. I suggest we should go ahead and order it now, call them tomorrow. If they don't do the adjustment, we can simply cancel it.
  3. woooo THANKS for posting!!! :nuts:
  4. I just ordered those great moon boots they are so cute, they said they are having a glitvh in the system and to just order then then they will do a credit tomorrow!!
  5. How did you get that code? I got a private sale card in the mail but I didn't look at it closely - did it have the website on there?

    Thanks for posting!
  6. Thanks for posting!
  7. Do you know if the boots run true to size?
  8. Nevermind I guess the moon boots are all gone now!:sad:
  9. Ecthelion,

    How did you know about this sale? Is there a code to enter? Thanks
  10. Hi BTBF, they sent me an email about this private sale with the link I gave above. When I first saw it the discount was taken automatically at checkout, and no code is needed. Now it seems that they have a 'glitch' in the system, so I guess they'll do the credit afterwards. :smile:
  11. Thanks. I called customer service and they said they are not aware of any email sending out.
  12. Hi BTBF, it's strange for their customer service people to say so. When you click the link I gave above, you do see the 'private sale' page, right? I think most likely their customer service people are confused, because I'm sure they cannot deny that they have some webpage on their website saying it's 'private sale' and things in that session are 35%-40% off. :smile:

    Anybody else has the same problem though?
  13. Ecthelion,

    Yes, I saw the "private sale" page the whole time. Customer service were not knowledgable and not helpful at all. Now I have to wait for a person "on top" to make the decision.