Burberry Umbrella enjoying the rain

  1. Is your Burberry umbrella enjoying the rain??

    Today mine was so happy to get out of the house and enjoy the rainy weather. :heart:


    Post Pictures of your Umbrella.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I love the Rain.
  4. OHH my,
    i love that umbrella!
    The rain is so peace full!
  5. I finally got to use mine last week!!! It was so exciting, we don't get much rain out here. The hubby doesn't mind buying me designer things (actually I think he loves buying designer things), but he didn't want me to get the umbrella because I'd "never" get to use it. Well, I proved him wrong and put on a big show of using it... it was fun. Hope every one else get to enjoy thiers too.
  6. I bought a burberry umbrella recently for $29 at the outlet. It is not the check pattern though. It is this beautiful purple/green floral print pattern and it says burberry on the umbrella and the handle. I love the umbrella. I think I may buy the novacheck umbrella though.
  7. aw, so cute!!
  8. I got my lovely Burberry umbrella at Holt Renfrew for $30 dollars.
  9. Nice umbrella
  10. I got a pink checkered one at the outlet a couple of months ago for the same price. I think it was in april or something because I remember I went in Lay for Memorial Day and they were all gone! I love to use mine, and it matches my purse! ;)
  11. You know I took my umbrella with me for first time on this past Friday. Each time it rained I was in the car.:rolleyes: Each time it stopped raining I was walking outside.:rolleyes: I was so mad because I had plans to use my new umbrella and it never happened. :crybaby:My family and my boyfriend thought it was hilarious. :p UGH! I will use my umbrella, hopefully.
  12. Why am I missing out on these great deals!!!!!!
  13. Do you know if they still have any on sale?