Burberry Trenchcoat

  1. I thought I would ask opinions - I want to get a classic Burberry trench with removable liner. If only getting one, should I get the tan or the black?

    On the one hand, the tan is so classic. OTOH, I am thinking, if I only have one somewhat winter coat (this is Northern CA, though if I travelled, I would use it with the lining in cold areas) perhaps I should get the black because if I have to wear it to a dress event it would look better than the tan. Though, hmmm, it's not like I would be wearing my coat at the party, LOL

    What think you?

    Also- I have fair skin and brown hair - sometimes black in a large expanse, as in a long coat looks a little harsh on me, FWIW.
  2. I have a Burberry trench and picked tan - for me, it's my spring/fall transition coat... I could never get away with it in the winter. I prefer the look of tan trenches too.
  3. I pick tan as it is so classic. I actually bought a white Burberry one a few years ago, just fell in love with it.
  4. --Your Canadian transition weather is my extreme winter:p
  5. I have a classic tan aquascutum trench coat - and I've been able to wear it a lot. I much more prefer the tan, and you can wear it with black and brown etc. The black I feel you would be more limited in the colors you can put with it.
  6. -I am leaning towards the tan. I ordered them from Nordstom.com, so I can try them both on and see what I think then.
  7. I bought one in brown during the anniversary sale. I just totally fell in love w/its rich color. I think you get the best of both worlds w/brown.
  8. i would like the coat in black.

    it looks chic and sexy, whereas the tan can look a bit masculine and utilitarian at times.
  9. i like tan more than black. i think you could use tan in fall, winter, and spring, but black would only work during the fall and winter
  10. i have the black & now i want the tan. it's actually on my must-have-soon-list.:yes:
  11. tan, I guess, is more versatile and neutral.
  12. I'd choose tan for myself. I swear, this is the year I buy one!
  13. Well, I am not going to keep either color - the way the coats fit, I can only wear thin clothing underneath; won't do me any good in a cold winter. If I go up a size, the shoulders will be too long, and I think it will look sloppy. Sigh, continuing to look for the perfect trench.

    Thanks for all your input!
  14. Sorry to hear that. Have you looked at the Aquascutum trenchcoats? They have a good selection of their classic trenchcoats.