Burberry trench?

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  1. Does anyone own a Burberry trench that is 100% polyester? I'm trying to decide on one on Nordstrom's website vs one on Burberry's. The one on Burberry is cotton/polyester (Harbourne). The price difference is prob $200. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I only have cotton/polyster one... It keeps very well its shape. I think the 100% polyster one you are talking about are pack-away trench?? These ones are lighter and fall less well imo...
    I would go for the Harbourne, I love mine :love: I think if you are going to invest in a Burberry trench, you should go for the best....:graucho:
  3. I just got the 100% polyester packaway trench with the little pouch on sale for around $160 at neiman's. I would go for the Harbourne instead of the polyester because it is thin but it was on sale so I couldn't resist:nuts: It's great for fall and spring but if it's only a $200 difference i'll pick Harbourne. If you're purchasing from Nordstrom you can always return via mail ($6.00 to ship it back) or in store.
  4. Go for the Harbourne
  5. i own both the harbourne and the polyester trench. i say go for both if u have the funds, but only if the polyester one is at a great price. i got mine for $190 at saks.
  6. Thanks everyone. I actually went to Nordstoms over the weekend and didn't like the 100% polyester fabric as much. I'm getting the Harbourne directly from Burberry. Thanks for all your input.