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  1. Hi everyone,

    Last Friday I went to Roermond Outlet with my boyfriend. My boyfriend bought a few pieces and while he was paying I was looking at the coats. Normally there are always seasonal style trenches and never the 'heritage' ones and they don't really interest me as I prefer the classic styles. I think the trenches are gorgeous but at the moment I would prefer to spend that amount of money (if I were to buy new in a Burberry boutique) on a handbag rather than a coat.

    As I was browsing the coats I found a beautiful black trench and the on the label it said it was The Kensington. I was shocked! I knew it was a heritage style but why did they have it at the outlets?

    I tried it on and it fit perfectly. I was a bit hesitant as it's still a lot of money even when it's in the outlet, so went to some other shops but I went back a bit later and made up my mind.
    The sales lady was very nice and showed me different ways to wear the trench. She explained me it was a Kensington trench from summer 2013 and it had been 4 years since they've had a classic style in the outlets. She didn't really know why they were there, but they were selling fast!

    So I've pulled the trigger and I bought it! It was 1036€ and I had a 10% voucher so I paid 932€ for a long black Kensington Trench! :biggrin: So I thought bargain :yahoo: if I want one, it's now as they'll only get more expensive. It's currently in stores for 1795€

    The only thing that I can see that's different with the current trench is collar. It doesn't have the buttons and black thing :P on it and in the coat there also no label that says 'The Kensington'.

    I was wondering what you guys think: Great buy? Or would you have preferred the new style currently in store?

    I can post some pics tonight :smile:

    Thanks for your opinion!
  2. I think it is a great buy! What a deal. I have also been looking for a deal like that for a really long time. Congratulations to you. Can't wait to see pics [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji259][emoji173]️
  3. Jealous! Great find!
  4. I just pulled the trigger as well and paid about $1200 USD for the long Kensington trench from the Burberry outlet and had the same question. (Sadly I'm too new to start new threads). I asked the SA and she said it was a pretty good deal. Should I return and wait for a better deal? I've always wanted a long heritage Burberry Trench...

    My other question is this: I was googling and saw that the same trench is 1800 at full retail right now. The price sticker on the Kensington Trench says that it was retailing at 1600. I found this odd. Is this right or weird to anyone? Is there some difference between the Outlet Kensington vs the Retail Kensington that would set the price apart? I always have this fear that something might be "made for outlet". Since this has been one of my dream pieces :hbeat:, I'd rather wait for a retail quality Heritage Burberry trench rather than a outlet quality.

    THis is my first really big clothing order and still am in a bit of sticker shock about paying over 1000 for one piece of clothing. I hear people find awesome deals at the outlets and wanted to see if this was one of them.

    Early thanks for those that chime in! :smile:
  5. Congrats!!

    I didn't know Burberry Outlets do vouchers. Is this something that they mail to you?
  6. Well if it was from 2003 it likely was the price then... You got a great deal but seem to be deliberating a lot about it.
  7. Honestly, I saw the same/similar Kensington at the outlet for about 1200 (long, stone color), and really regret not snapping it up. Yes, it is from a previous season, and expensive, but it is a beautiful coat…


    I think that is the question you need to answer.
  8. Oh I LOVE it!!!!! It puts a smile on my face when I just look at it. Never really paid that much for any single article of clothing so I guess my body is still going through a bit of shock.

    Glad I am not overpaying and it sounds like the quality in outlet is the same as retail. Will keep for sure...now to mentally prepare me for the cashmere version.................. >=D
  9. Then you made the right decision. A trench is timeless. Enjoy!
  10. Scored a great deal. Mod pics!
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