Burberry Trench coats - petite sizes?

  1. I'm confused. I'm looking to purchase a Burberry trench, but the Burberry store in San Francisco told me they do not make petite sizes.

    However I have seen them online like at Nordstroms, but of course they do not have my size. Is the petite line only available at Nordstroms?

    I know I can get them fitted and taken it at Burberry, but if they make them petite beforehand I'd like to get a petite one.

    Any suggestions?
  2. I believe that the petite ones are only available from Nordstrom. Burberry's inventory is different than that of a lot of the retail stores. I think the Burberry stores have had petite sizes but it is not often. I ended up ordering and returning some petite coats from Nordstrom. I didn't like them as much for some reason. I am petite but I found two other regular coats (one from NAP and one from Burberry) and they work for me. I am short but have pretty long legs and arms so I can sometimes pull off the regular sized stuff. That being said, the coats do hit me lower than they do on the models but I think they still look fine.

    If you are set on petite, maybe bookmark the Nordstrom page and check every few days or so for returns. Or maybe call their customer service?
  3. Call the store they can place an order for you and ship once they get it in stock.
  4. Do you mean the Burberry store or Nordstroms? I called Nordstroms and they said they are completely sold out of the 2P size trench that I want :sad: