Burberry Trench coat

  1. Does anyone know the cost of the classic Harbourne trench in New York?

  2. Have you tried checking burberry.com?
  3. My mom got one of these on sale in June. She paid $425, but the original price was $795.
  4. ooh! in NY? looks like i missed a good sale! i tried buying a london fog as a cheaper replacement, but it just didn't cut it for me. i'm still lusting after a burberry trench as we speak, especially since the weather is cooling down!
  5. I think they are $795.

  6. Oooo that's great. lucky her! what store?

  7. do the burberry stores reduce their trench coats? or are you finding these sales in the department store or outlet?
  8. My mom got it from the Burberry boutique in San Francisco. The boutiques have sales twice a year, one in December and one in late May/early June. If you're lucky, a sales associate will do a pre-sale for you and you can pick the item up when the sale event starts, so you don't luck out of sizes.
  9. Your mom got an excellent deal on the Trench!!!