Burberry trench coat - please tell me your thoughts

  1. I would like to buy my 1st Burberry trench coat. Please see attached picture. The one showing in the picture is a light beige. However, I am concern about the colour of this trench coat. It is because I am afraid that it might not be nice to wear it during colder months (I want something that I can wear all the time) and will get dirty easily. I prefer the dark beige colour which I think it is nicer and more practical. I saw the same style in a darker beige colour in Burberry stores in winter season. This colour is showing in Burberry.com

    I went to the stores and the SA told me that light beige is for Spring / Summer collection, they won't sell the dark beige now because it was for winter season.

    Do you think I should still go for the light beige? I know Burberry.com is selling the dark beige, but I don't want to buy the trench coat from there.

    Many Thanks.
  2. I also like the darker beige better. However, the light beige is quite nice but if you prefer the darker beige, then you should get the darker one. Maybe try it first in the store and get it from burberry. com
  3. My SA from burberry has always told me to go with the black, although I do like dark beige. He says that the beige, after being washed too many times at the dry cleaners, tends to look grungy.
  4. Thanks ladies. However I have to buy the trench coat from Burberry stores because I have their vouchers. I tried it on in the store, quite like it, but I know not as much as the dark beige. And the dark beige is not in stock anymore in the stores.
  5. i just bought a greyish color...it's really pretty and lined...so it's good when it's a little cooler outside and it won't get dirty quite as quickly
  6. lite beige is my fav
  7. I like the light beige, but I mostly wear black-thus popping. I really think it is pretty.
  8. I like the dark beige better but the light beige is not bad either I think.
  9. I like the dark beige and I too would be afraid that the light beige would get dirty. Can you eventually buy the dark beige from burberry.com and use the vouchers for something else (a bag maybe??) Don't they have another colour you like in the store?
  10. there is only light beige and black for that style. I don't want black because I have a black Marc Jacobs trench.

    The SA at Selfridges told me that shouldn't get dirty easily as the material is repellent. However, I am not sure if I should believe her.

    Apart from getting it dirty, also not sure if it is weird to wear such light colour in autumn / winter.
  11. I like this one.You can never fail with a Burberry trench!
  12. I like light colours in winter, I hate all that black and grey, it makes me blue