Burberry trench coat petite friendly?

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  1. Hi there!

    I'm only 5"2 about 95lbs . Which style would you recommend for me? I'm liking the motram and marystow but not sure which one run narrower? Help!
  2. I'm 5'3" 105 lbs and I own two size 2 Marystows. The length of the arms and overall trench work well without overwhelming my small frame.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply doll. Do you have to get any alternation on it? Do you have any modeling pic?
  4. I've been trying on both those and the buckingham recently and I think the mottram is cut slimmer than the marystow everywhere (shoulders, sleeve width) although I think sleeve length is comparable and probably needs to be altered for your arm length. The buckingham is longer than both of those (~3" more) but its shoulders and arms are even slimmer cut.
  5. I'm 5'1". I tried all 3 and was contemplating to get either mottram or buckingham. The fit of Marystow wasnt flattering on me
  6. I tried the mottram and it was way too big for me. Although the lenght was perfect.
  7. I'm thinking the buckingham might be the perfect fit for me ;)
  8. I'm 5ft 2ins and 105lbs and have a Buckingham. The length is great, although I probably would have preferred the sleeves to be slightly slimmer. I did need the sleeves to be taken up and the belt loops moved up slightly to hit my waistline.
  9. is your size 2 UK or US size?
  10. May I ask what size is your buckingham? UK size or US size?
  11. Mine's a UK size 4, which is equivalent to a US size 0. I could have fitted into a UK size 2 but want to have the option of wearing a bulky sweater or plenty of layers underneath. The size I bought does still look neat on me and not oversized at all. The shoulders are, very importantly, a good fit.

    Hope that helps. I can't wait to find out what you end up choosing. Do let us know! :smile:

    ETA: Just in case the fit is different (although I don't think that it will be), my trench is the Heritage Gaberdine version in honey with leather epaulettes and cuff straps. I love it and it gets loads of compliments whenever I wear it!
  12. Thank you so much for your advice! it is very helpful :smile: I will go and try on other styles besides buckingham and see :smile:Thank you again.
  13. us 2 :smile:
  14. [​IMG]
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