Burberry trench coat need alteration - help

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  1. Hey ladies,

    Happy Holidays!

    Just wonder if there is any1 who has done any alteration of their Burberry trench coat.

    I bought mine a few years back from other state. They have to mail them for me and the size is fit well. However the sleeve slightly too long. I never dare to alter them. But the more I am using them recently, the more I want to get them alter.

    Is there any1 done it? Through the boutique? Any suggestion?
  2. I think the best thing to do is to take the coat to the boutique and see if they do it in house or if they have a place that they recommend. I am sure this happens all the time and they have a way they deal with it.
  3. Thank You ... but will be weird to do so?
  4. Hi! All my burberry jackets (there not trench coats but I think that the same principle aplies) had there sleeves changed to fit me better...
    U can take your coat to a boutique and I think that they will change it without any problems... ;)
  5. thanks
  6. No it won't be weird to do. It would, however, be weird to walk around with sleeves that are too long..:nuts:
  7. Back in the Fall I purchased a Burberry trench at Nordstrom. It had to be shorten at the hem and the arms. It looks fabulous.

    I am 5'4 and it would have looked OK had I not altered it but it is amazing because it fits perfectly. I would definitely have it altered.
  8. thanks ... i've just got it done, havent pick it up, but from what the tailor show me, i will look even better

    thank u again
  9. ^ congrats!! i saw the most gorgeous trench coat from burberry this season but unfortunately, I wasnt able to get it. I bet your's is fabulous!
  10. im hunting for my 2nd now ... should be beige and shorter version, thinking of vuitton ... but then i just bought 2 chanels ... gosh
  11. i did mine, its just felt perfect now, hahahahaha, thank u thank u
  12. yay, i'm glad it worked out. my mom just bought a burberry trench and she loves it! my dad has had his for aaaaaaages. burberry is very good about altering things for you.
  13. im actually using louis vuitton tailor, but he also do burberry, hahahahaha ... indeed they the best in trench
  14. ^do you alter your stuff in SG??
  15. no, back in Sydney