Burberry "Thrift" Finds

  1. Has anyone found Burberry items at thrift stores, or garage sales?

    I found a grey classic checked wool wrap skirt for $40, and in my size too! I was ecstatic!

    I also found, at Goodwill, a Black and red, sorta gingham, burberry cropped jacket, sheesh, for less than $5, it was a steal!

    Have any of you found stuff like this? I love to read about people's shopping finds.
  2. I've found a Burberry black button-down shirt with plaid collar for £5, cashmere trench for £25 (didn't fit right, though, so I passed) and grey cashmere cardigan for £10. I have only the second-best Burberry luck, though; a friend of mine got a genuine handbag for 50p at a car boot sale!
  3. I got a vintage button down in the most gorgeous saturated blue color at a thrift store in Boise for $3. I've also had a lot of luck with vintage Dior shirts in Idaho and Ferragamo shoes in Palm Desert.
  4. OMG!I want too...but we don't do such things...
  5. wow, what great finds! I've never found anything deisgner at thrift stores, altho, I lived in Wales for 10 months as a foreign exchange student and my host mom worked at a Charity shop, she had quite a couple Armani tops she'd picked up!