Burberry The Mini Manor Quilted Patent Satchel $627.60 @ NM

  1. What a GREAT deal! Makes me wish i wasn't broke from college! omg...
  2. Man I wish this was still available :sad:

  3. Keep refreshing the page. I know that a PITA, but these bags keep reappearing. Go ahead and sign into your account and be ready to grab it when/if it does!
  4. its available again for whoever wants it!
  5. I missed it again!
  6. blew415, it's back again! i hope you get it this time!

  7. blew...please PM me or post on this thread to know that we pulled it off!!!!
  8. I think I got it!!!! Fingers crossed that they do not cancel my order.

    bagachondriac is the best!!!!!
  9. gorgeous!! what color did you get?

  10. She got the one that I cancelled which was red!
  11. Yep- I got the red. Has not been cancelled yet!
  12. ^ I think this is bigger...14 1/2" x 9" x 7"