Burberry sunglasses for $29.99 free shipping +1 year of Lucky mag

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  1. THANKS!!!!
    I just bought a hot pair down from 170$ to $30.00

  2. are they authentic ?
  3. I have the same question. Are they authentic? They are way too cheap for a pair of Burberry's.
  4. yea...and I am scacred they are just like the cheap Prada's on Amazon too!
  5. I hope they're real! I just bought a pair!

    I've bought AU $50 = US$35 Gucci and Dior sunglasses from department stores before. Sunglasses go in and out of season easily so I'm not usually worried about cheap unglasses.
  6. I think they are real, they are probably overstock. I know the burberry outlet always has 'cheap' things marked down.

    well, i bought a pair so we will see when i get them :smile:
  7. Thanks for the link! I got a pair too. Surely they're worth $30, they come with a case and a year of lucky mag. (And when I end up sitting on them I won't feel so bad!)
  8. That's a really good deal. The burgundy one looks really nice.
  9. I bought som D&Gs for my brother and when they got here they looked good. They came in a case with cleaning cloth, D&G's registration card, and info book. Let me know what you think of yours when they get here!
  10. that is an awesome deal, if they are indeed authentic. i'm usually uncertain about purchasing designer goods from amazon, as i've heard they've sold fake bags before.
  11. aw man only 1 OK pauir left. ;[
  12. Thanks for the info
  13. If you're buying from Amazon and not a third party which Amazon hosts, there's really no need to be worried about getting fake bags. If you do get one, contact Amazon immediately with your concern, and they should offer you a full refund. Otherwise, contact the company that makes the bag.

    Amazon is a company with very deep pockets that would definitely not any talk of them selling counterfeits or lawsuits being filed against them.
  14. amazon has good service.. I once sent a computer monitor to my BFs house in OC and fedex left it at the door because my bf had a signature waiver authorizing for packages to be left and well, apparently someone stole it..he called amazon and they overnighted him a new one...no questions asked.