Burberry Stud Shoulder Bag

  1. I've never had a Burberry handbag - I'm much more of a Coach girl, they're more
    my style AND price range - but a very special something caught my eye in the
    window of the Burberry store on 57th St between 5th & Mad last Friday: The
    black leather & stud shoulder bag. It costs a little more than $2000 - WAY out
    of my price range! - but I want it. Does anyone know the bag I'm referring to?
    I looked for it on their website and it's not there. They have a variation of the
    stud bag (I don't know it's style name) but it's not the one I want. I'd rather
    return to the store again so soon for more info... can anyone help me out by
    pointing me in the right direction for more info or websites that sell it? Thanks
    in advance for the help! :rolleyes:
  2. Hi! That's THE bag! Isn't it perfect?! Thank you so much for finding more info on it. And wouldn't you know, it'd be through my favourite store in London. LOL I adore Harvey Nics.
  3. When I first saw the Knight Bag at my job, I LOVED IT! I loved it so much I had to check it out and contemplate the purchase; however, I found that bag to quite cumbersome for everyday use. I'm a small girl and it was too heavy and big for my frame to carry around NY on a daily basis.

    Thats when I looked above and fell in love with the Hoxton!! It is a GREAT everyday bag and a much more reasonable size than the Knight Bag. (and might I add hundreds cheaper!)

    I'm in love :yahoo:, I've been using it every day since!
  4. ITA, the Knight bag is extremely cumbersome. I looked at both bags in
    the store near my office and well, fell in love with the shoulder bag. I'm
    just contemplating plunking down $2000 for a HANDBAG. I've never spent more than $500 - $600 on a handbag (all Coach) in my life and to be completely honest, I'm not overly comfortable about spending more than that. I MAY just have to live w/o the Hoxton. :sad: If Christmas were
    closer I might be more inclined to spend part of my bonus on the Hoxton.
  5. That Hoxton hobo is to die for :sweatdrop:
  6. the bag is beautiful... are you gonnnnna save up & get it?!
  7. Hi cocoloco1245 :smile: Is the Hoxton hobo heavy?

  8. its so sexy
  9. hot bag
    its really nice...i want!
  10. Love it. This is a really gorgeous hobo.
  11. that's a nice bag
  12. The Knight bag is on sale for $1795 at Nordys!!!! You can preselect now with my SA
    MArie Allen
    Prada Specialist
    BEllevue Nordstrom
    (e) marie.allen@Nordstrom.com
    (p) 425.455.5800
    I just presold mine!!!!
  13. I've been checking out the PF for a while, but this is my first post. Thanks for the tip, Real Life Doll. I was reading the posts late last night and with the 3 hour time difference, I was able to call Nordys in Bellevue and get one of the Knight Bags. I had checked it out here at our local Nordys a month ago, but balked at the price, and then it was gone. I'm so glad I waited.:nuts:
  14. Love this bag. Being a shoulder bag might make it more manageable in terms of the weight?