Burberry Stole / Burberry Wrap - does it go on sale?

  1. I will check for you at the Outlet. Seems kind of high for the pink pattern, for the novacheck, maybe. I will let you know. It is very nice!!
  2. A nice one, check it in outlet.
  3. lolitablue... do let me know when you see it in the outlet. Thanks!
  4. ohhh that would be darling in novacheck!
  5. I'm pretty sure I saw a plain colored one in the outlet (Leesburg VA) yesterday.
  6. digby723, when you say plain, that means it's just the solid color on both sides? do you happen to recall how much it is? Thanks!
  7. I will be happy to do that. I am going tomorrow and will look for you! I am trying so hard to stay away from the outlet!!!
  8. ok thanks Lolitablue :biggrin:

    maybe God has a reason for putting me here on the other side of the globe. It will be too tempting for me if i live in the States :s
  9. Hi there! Went today and did not find them. They said that they may have them sometime in the Fall. I will keep checking. Some T-Shirts were on sale, and their make up bags are too. Did not grab anything!:crybaby:
  10. thanks for sharing Lolitablue...

    do post if you find anything interesting in the outlets :winkiss: