Burberry Square Bag or LV Popincourt Haut?

  1. I am deciding which bag to go for, the Burberry Square bag or the LV Popincourt Haut. If anyone knows, can you tell me when each bag was released into the market? I believe the popincourt was out last spring in 2005, but I am not 100% sure. Also, don't you think that the popincourt haut looks like a big brown paper bag from faraway?? totally unstylish in my opinion, but I just want to see what you think. Most likely, I am leaning towards the Burberry because it has double zipper, big Burberry logo, nice leather, inside zipper, magnets on the sides, and a slightly better feel and design. Plus, I think the straps on the burberry are thicker and more comfortable. However, what's stopping me is that this is not a LV!!. This will be my first luxury hand bag (hopefully not the last!!!) from my bf and I get to choose anyone I want. the new lv lockit horizontal is way too big for me. i am only going for a shoulder bag. please someone advise on which to get!! thanks :yes:
  2. I purchased the popincourt haut when it first came out - and I was wait listed for it. It was spring-summer 2005, and I don't think it looks like a paper bag at all, maybe a very stylish one. :P
  3. PH my vote, will retain the value better.
  4. I would get an LV before Burberry. Having had both, LV is much better in terms of quality and while some Burberry bags are still made in Italy not all of them are. Same problem I have with Coach, I can't bring myself to spend a lot on a bag made in China when I could get one made in France for a similiar price. :flowers:
    But that's JMO, if you like the style, get it! :yes:
  5. I do not care for burberry at all. Their rain coats are great, but their bags, not for me.
  6. Get the LV. I HATE Burberry bags. I don't think they are worth the money and I think the LV will last longer. Their raincoats and rainboats are great, but I don't think their bags have such great quality.
  7. I'd go for the LV.. but maybe that's because I'm biased because I'm european and have seen waaaaay to many chavs with fake burberry (yes, I do see a lot of fake vuitton too, but chavs prefer burberry). I also think the LV looks better in style and colors.
  8. i vote for the poppincourt haut...i love mine :yes:
  9. i would go for the popincourt. I don't like Burberry. I think the popincourt is special and different ans ofcourse very pretty
  10. LV's a classic! I don't think you'd regret the purchase. :smile:
  11. Of course PH. Much better style and value.
  12. unlike all of you I do like burberry i have one of their duffel bags but LV will always be my favorite so PH
  13. I vote for the PH; Burberry makes fantastic coats, hats, scarves, but their bags aren't nearly as TDF.
  14. i prefer the Popincourt Haut. it's a really good shoulder bag :yes:, and the straps are very comfortable. if it's your first designer bag, then go for an LV :P

    i like Burberry, but not in the Equestrian print, and not in this style.
  15. I like the shape of the Burberry better than the PH, but I do not care for Burberry. So, go for LV!