Burberry Snakeskin Manor

  1. Hi guys,

    I was at the Burberry store here in downtown Dallas a few days ago and they had a manor bag in black snakeskin and a mini-manor in purple snakeskin. According to the salesperson this is an exclusive line of bags that just came out - they are only being released to a select number of Burberry stores.

    Has anyone else seen these?? I think they are really cute. I wished I took some pictures so you guys could take a look at them...
  2. Wow... that sounds interesting! I saw pictures of two other Burberry bags in the US online store, I think ,they were very dark blue and were labelled as "exotic leather". But dark blue is not at all a colour for me and the bags did not really look that much different from other leather bags; I really wonder though, what the Manor looks like in snake skin... especially in purple???
    Regina :confused1:
  3. Both purses were really glittery. The black one was my favorite, the purple one looked a little too "blingy" for my taste. Either way it is nice to have something different from Burberry.