burberry skirts - how do they fit?

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  1. any of you own burberry skirts? are they true to size in comparison to other american brands? i'm on the verge of getting one and not sure if i should order my normal size, or one size smaller/bigger.

    thanks for the input!
  2. lol it's so interesting that no one has responded, because it shows no one has burberry skirts. i wonder why..do you guys think they're overpriced?
  3. Aw I'm sorry I can be of no help.. I don't own any Burberry, personally don't care for it much. I'm gonna bump the thread and see if you can get more answers!
  4. TBH most of their clothing is overpriced other than their outerwear. I've found they run pretty much true to size but have found the dresses run a little larger
  5. Didin't see this post. I have 2 Burberry skirts & find them both a large fit. I would get one size smaller than you normally wear.
  6. They used to run true to size but now they run at least a whole size big!!!!!

    Also it depends on the style but if you are interested in their traditional plaid skirts,
    I own three, plaid skirts, the grey one, the pink one and the beige one they all run big.

    I strongly suggest trying them on first.
  7. i would say try them on before you buy it. for me i have jackets and pants from them and they run big. i did try on a plaid skirt from them before and they were tight. so it depends on the person i guess. but i am usually in denial about my size ( i can fit a size 2 but barely breathing, and fit a size 4 but sometimes a bit loose) so i was never sure what to do. :confused1:
  8. I purchased a skirt not to long ago, they tend to run big. I'm usually a eight but there is a lot of wiggle room in the skirt I purchased.
  9. The only burberry clothing I have is some capri jeans and they seem to run about true to size to me.
  10. Not sure if this helps, by their polos run extremely large...the extra small is still a little bit baggy on me.
  11. I have 2 Burberry skirts/kilts, purchased at different times. I would say Burberry sizing tends to be a bit bigger than European designers but comparable to American sizing. I'm a size 2 and the Burberry size 2 fits me just fine.

    Hope this helps!

    Here's the picture of the skirt I posted months ago.
  12. ^^ i've been looking for that skirt forever! it looks so cute on you!

    thanks for all the advice guys!