burberry silk scarf: what to wear with??

  1. My local burberry store is on sale here in the UAE..and i purchased a beautiful silk nova check scarf with midnight navy blue trimmings all around..it was for $270 and i got it for $148 :tup: !!! I have a nova check buberry bag with black patent handles and two across the front also in patent...but it would be soo in ur face burberry if i wore together..so i would wear it with my LV neverfull MM bag (monogram) to tone it down..

    the burberry check pattern looks good with white and black tops..but the midnight navy blue trimmings on the end makes constrained to those two colors..what do u think what other colors would go with the scarf? i was thinking the hot fushcia color would look hot against the burberry check with the midnight navy...but what else :confused1:
  2. What is the scarf's main colour? Is it that cream tone? Then a cream shirt or blouse would go well; I also like turtle neck tops, because they're so elegant. If the scarf has the Nova check pattern, then there should be the dark red stripe as well, so a dark red top that repeats that colour would look good. With my Nova check bags I usually wear black and cream or dark red. Or even a gold top!

    Actually, I thing you can wear the bag and the scarf together; I think the different patterns of LV and Burberry mixed together would be a little confusing; also a bit like "see, I have them both!"
    Regina :idea:
  3. thank you regina..i think i should start taking pictures to ease the questions and avoid confusions ... but my bluetooth transfer device is dead!

    And ya turtle necks are very chic with scarves..merci !!

    I will look the scarf up online and post it when i find it..

    As for the mix of LV and burberry together...ya u have a point so im just going to go for a no logo bag when wearing the scarf probably my moms black Lancel.