burberry shoes sizing

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  1. hi all. i just got my 1st pair of brby shoes:tup: but am kind of sad because they're small. i even ordered one size up, and then i compared it to one of my other shoes, and it was a lot smaller in length. do the shoes/wedges usually run way smaller than US sizing?
  2. i don't know but i agree they run small it seems. i tried on the rainboots at the store in a size 8 (i'm between 7.5-8) and they were still too snug. =\
  3. i tend to wear a size 6 and i bought a pair of burberry rainboots in the store. they r a size 7 and, fit me perfect. so, i guess so. w/ my gucci boots, too. they r a size 7
    :smile: ;)
  4. I think they are inconsistent with their shoe sizes. I normally wear size 8.5, but have to go up to 9.5 for booties and go down to 8 for ballerina!?
  5. They seem to run small. I'm an 8.5, but my espadrilles are a 40. Shoe sizing is never consistent, so I always try mine on.