Burberry shimmer check

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  1. Anyone else like this line? I think its too cute. They didn't have everything in the store yet, but you can see some things online under small leather goods. The shimmer is really subtle. I saw an umbrella at the store - it was too cute!
  2. i saw a few items in the store, i thought it's really cute!
  3. I have not seen one but they look so cute.
  4. I love the collection. For christmas, I am either going to get [​IMG]this bag or this bag:[​IMG]
    I've seen them in the store and unlike what the site store says, they arent small, especially the 1st one uptop. I think its a nice size(well for me anyway).

  5. ^^^^
    Very cute. I also saw earmuffs today with the shimmer check. I'm hoping that they come out with a tote!
  6. Does anyone have any preferences for which one I should get?
  7. I like the second one.
  8. I'm back and forth on it. I'm debating on that wapity like case in that print.
  9. I like the second one :yes: Cute bag!
  10. Here is another bag from Neimans...hmmm not sure about the shape for me but its cute and much bigger.


    And another one from Burberry.com. $495.

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