Burberry Shearling Boots

  1. hmm. I am not really feeling those. something about the rubber soles..but i betcha they are comfortable as crap.. Do you have them ?
  2. Not a fan...
  3. Not yet ! I'm still thinking about them, I'm thinking they look a little "childlikeish" they may look better on a 10 year old.:sad:
  4. Love them!
  5. Me likey!!

    But I really like shearling. I tried the shearling prada lace-up boots and they looked really bad on my feet. These look outdoor-sy.
  6. Ok. Just ok.
  7. They look like they'd give excellent tracktion, and I like the cuff. But, they remind me of work boots.
  8. I am not too fond of them! I love the color and the sherling inside but I don't like the rubber sole and the shape of the boot looks manly!
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