Burberry Second Cut sale starts June 14th!

  1. I was at the Burberry store today (Philadelphia), and the SA told me the second-cut sale starts tomorrow.

    I have my eye on a gorgeous leather satchel that was originally $850, was $595 today, and will be $379 (!) tomorrow.
  2. Thanks for the head's up! Is it online, too?
  3. I don't know. I got the impression from talking with the SA that the website does its own thing.

    Probably worth checking, though.
  4. thanks for the info, i love the philadelphia store, they have so many bargains and stuff can't find anywhere else..
  5. would someone care to check if there are any polos left? and how much? thanks! NM had them for $60 but they're all gone now
  6. Hi hun,

    Could you please let me know whether they have the Burberry Manor on sale at your store? I've been lusting after this bag for so long but live in Australia :sad:

    Thanks in advance :heart:
  7. When I went online this morning the offer said "Further reductions" so I assume they took the markdown online as well. I can't remember what the bags were priced at before.:smile:
  8. Thanks for posting the Info about Sales in Burberry my boyfriend is an addict for the plaid.
  9. I believe I saw one while I was there. It's definitely worth calling them to find out. Their number is 215-557-7400, and the SA I was dealing with was named Lauren. She's great!
  10. So bad I just order visor burberry last night it 39.oo$ but this morning it 29.00$ I try to call to cancel it and order another one similar ( not same one last night didnt see its) Customer service told me cant cancel because item ready to ship.
    They dont let me Cancel it and change to another one.
    Boring now!!
  11. Thanks for the info! Sadly, they don't have a jacket in my size.
  12. I will be making my trip to Burberry today. Hoping to find something yummy.
  13. Lets us know what you see:nuts: