BURBERRY Scarves and Wraps - Where can I Find w/a Discount? On Sale?

  1. My daughter wants a pastel colored Burberry wrap for Xmas. I've seen them at Nordstroms at full price. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells [authentic] Burberry that offers a discount code? Does anyone know if they can be found on sale anywhere?
  2. Bluefly just got some Burberry Scarves in yesterday. They were reduced to $230 from $295.

    You can then use a discount code on top of that.
  3. If you have a Burberry outlet near you, try that. I went to mine the other day and they had a TON of scarves and wraps on sale.
  4. i heard burberry might be doing private sale soon....last time i grabbed a lavendar muffler for pretty cheap.
  5. Wow, how discounted were they?
  6. I just found them on Blue Fly, and I see that there's a $30 d/c code listed in the BlueFly thread - I'll try that one & if that doesn't work, I know I can get 10% + free shipping with my Borders Perks membership -

    There is an outlet mall in Aurora, but I don't think there's a Burberry outlet store there - Michigan City, Indiana would be the closest one, and it would have to be a pretty good d/c to make it worth the trip (like 50% or more)
  7. wow, I'm interested, outlet or regular store? and when is gonna be briefly?:tup::tup:
  8. I got mine for around $100 earlier this year, and it was originally $225. The tag says that the outlet price is $169. I think I caught a sale weekend, and it was an additional 40% off.
  9. :yahoo:YEA!!! I logged on to BlueFly this morning to order the scarf and guess what??? All Cashmere was an addtl 20% Saturday & Sunday only!! So the $295 scarf, that was originally going to cost me $232 (less $30), now ended up costing $188 - less $30 (Thanx PF!!) - expedited shipping for a grand total of.......


    I'm so excited! YEA!!!:yahoo:
  10. how did you get the extra $30.00 dollars off? I am at check out and it is 188.00
  11. I'm right there with ya Tee7654.
  12. okay, I got it to work for the $30.00 off, the code that works is DOR131A
  13. DH just ordered one for me too! Thanks for posting the code. :yahoo:
  14. Burberry scarf on Bluefly authentic, right? I want to make sure before I order one!
  15. I got one for my mother-in-law. I hope she likes it.:p I want one also but I am officially broke now.