Burberry Scarf

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  1. Hi, I am looking to purchase a Burberry Scarf. I was going to try to find one on ebay but have no clue what they normally run for & how to spot a fake.

    Thanks for any advice.

    there's absolutely no buying or selling here
  2. Hi and welcome to the Purse Forum! :flowers:

    Just to let you know that we are not allowed to solicit each other unless you have been admitted to the Market Place.

    You can post any auctions you are watching in the Authenticate This thread at the top if the forum and we will try to help. :yes:
  3. Sorry!
    Do you know when one gets to be able to go into the market place? It still says private for me.
  4. Welcome!!

    Check the burberry.com site. There's a sale going on right now and I think there's some scarves on there that is on sale. Happy SHopping. :smile:
  5. I got one of mine at the outlet recently for 120. You should check the nearest one to you.
  6. Hi everyone,
    Oceancitygirl: You can should definitely check out the Burberry site. They'll usually have a sale on scarves, but from what I know, I dont think the novacheck scarves are ever on sale.

    My cashmere Burberry scarf is becoming a little fuzzy now. I dont know how to really describe it. But, if I look really closely at my scarf, I can see a little fuzz. My scarf is 100% authentic since I bought it at a Burberry retail store. But, I'm wondering if anyone else's scarves are the same way. Or maybe I'm just paranoid. :confused1: I dont own much cashmere things, so I'm not sure if that is how cashmere will look like with frequent wear.
  7. I have a couple of burberry cashmere scarves and they're all fuzzy now from wearing it too often. Is there anything we could do to prevent that from happening?
  8. The outlets have had some great prices. You might want to check there.
  9. you might want to call burberry and ask them. You can find a number on Burberry