Burberry scarf to go with my grey wool coat...

  1. This winter I'm thinking of getting a Burberry check scarf to go with my grey wool coat. I'm not very familiar with these scarves so I'm not too sure what colours are available.

    At my local Holt Renfrew I have seen camel, pink, and grey. I don't necessarily want a grey scarf since it's kind of boring...and I'm not a huge fan of the camel colour. I was thinking of the pink scarf to go with my coat, do you think the grey and pink check scarf will look good together?

    Other suggestions? (Pics appreciated) Thanks!
  2. Oh Karman, I think the pink would look fabulase.
  3. i think the pink would look great!!! the scarves that dmitchell15 posted would look great too. good luck.
  4. Hi Karman,
    I would definetly get the pink! It would look so sharp with your grey coat!
    I bought the camel last year at Holts and I love it!
    This year I plan to get the pink!
  5. Get the pink, it will add some brightness to your grey coat in a grey winter
  6. Pink would be so cute with a grey coat.
  7. I just bought the camel, and i saw the pink, but it would not of matched my coat. But i do not think you could go wrong with either color.
  8. i think pink would look great with grey. i've both camel and pink too...but the pink one always lifts my mood and makes me smile :smile:
  9. I agree with others, the pink would be wonderful.
  10. burberry.com had the baby blue on sale for $109.00 last week.
  11. I think the pale pink muffler will go great with your grey coat. I have the pink and it's very versatile.
  12. They don't ship to Canada though do they?
  13. Pink is very girly, and it would be great with a grey coat. I own the camel scarf/hat myself and they are super cute, so definitely go for it!
  14. I think the pink & grey will look great!

    I really want a baby blue one...it was ON SALE LAST WEEK?! NOOOO...