Burberry Scarf Set for $49!!

  1. So I went to the outlet mall yesterday on a whim...I specifically went for Burberry...and i got this incredible set for $49!!! i had been wanting a scarf for awhile but did not want to pay upwards of 150...this is quite possibly the best deal I have ever gotten...i just may go back to get the blue! they have all kinds of colors...green, black, maroon, pink...call up your nearest burberry outlet and order it!
  2. Great deal! I was at the outlet a few weeks ago and the sets had not been discounted yet.

    Nice choice of color and yes, you should go back and get more colors!
  3. I wish there was an outlet closer to me.
  4. Incredible deal!
    I wish there was a burberry outlet in Canada.
  5. :wtf: wow!
  6. i knew that was coming up soon...they do it every year here at the orlando premium outlet...my hubby bought me a set...now i am gonna head out there to buy him one
  7. beautiful, what outlet was this? how long is it?
  8. Is it a cashmere or wool set? I got a similar one from the website for $99 but it was wool. But I'm not complaining, I love it.
  9. Great deal! I want a set for myself!
  10. Gorgeous! That is a great deal!
  11. I believe the giftset is lambswool its really beautiful :O) nice color choice :O)
  12. Wow, congrats, this set is still $150 at my Burberry store!
  13. OMG!!! What an awesome deal!!!!!! I'd love that in black!!!! I might have to call... HAHAHA which outlet was this!?
  14. Great deal, very nice!
  15. I couldn't resist...went back today...

    do you like the tan better or this one?