burberry scarf on ebay

  1. hi i am new to tpf. this is not related to purses. but i recently bought a light pink burberry scarf from eBay. and i got it in the mail a few days ago. when i opened it, it wasnt what i expected. i have seen the light pink scarf in the stores. the one i recieved i believe is fake since it is darkish grey pink. not light. i have not seen the color before. i am not 100 percent sure its fake but i t really appears to be fake to me. i do not want to go to the store and ask and look like a fool. i am so dissapointed that i payed for this. i payed by paypal but the thing is i am unverified since i have no homephone i do not know if i will be covered. and i do not know if i will win the claim. the seller stated it as bnwt authentic burberry light pink scarf. it just so happened that a day after my auction ended the seller is no longer registered user but left me feedback. im afraid they closed down there paypal account as well. what should i do?:confused1:
  2. Oh I hope it's authentic but to make sure, please visit Burberry board and get help from Burberry expert there to autenticate btw how can seller sent you the color you didn't expected? Did her put some pics on her auction?
  3. I ever read someone posting here, to claim non-authentic with PayPal, you've to provide their the proof such non-authentic letters from Burberry, MyPoupette or CarolDiva
  4. I would get this checked right away and file with PayPal if it's not authentic.

    If you paid via credit card to PayPal you could probably do a chargeback considering the circumstances.
  5. If your address is unverified that will not affect the Paypal claim in fact is she shipped to unconfirmed address then she is the one who is not covered.
    It is sounding like it may be a fake but try to see if the boutique will confirm that, they don't usually give letters about fakes though.
    I would file the claim with paypal, hope she has another eBay account which some fakers do & that she still has money that they can recover for you.