Burberry Scarf Lambswool

  1. Anyone know what's the main difference between cashmere and lambswool?I know cashmere is more expensive and they are different in material..but not knowing in details :p I just became fans of burberry scarf a while ago..

    And how much the retail for burberry lambswool approximately?seems i couldn't find much in burberry online..
  2. Cashmere is more expensive because it is softer and much rarer- lambswool is common and comes from sheep, while cashmere comes from the underbellies of goats from specific regions of the world.
  3. I purchased a lambswool scarf from overstock.com a few years ago for $55 but I don't know the prices otherwise. I know I've seen cashmere scarves in the $200s.
  4. Cashmere is so much nicer IMO. I have 3 cashmere scarves and wouldn't trade them for anything.

    I paid 250$-295$ for them.
  5. I have a cashmere Burberry scarf that was around $250 and a Burberry lambswool scarf, which I think I bought for $75 at Off 5th Avenue. Although, undeniably, cashmere is softer and more luxe, I think lambswool as just as fine with me. Both served its purpose in keeping me warm!

  6. oh phew! i bought one off overstock years ago and i was starting to think that it was fake and that i didnt really buy it off overstock and i remembered wrong.
  7. I was at a Burberry store about 6 weeks ago, and they told me that they're phasing out 100% cashmere scarves in the U.S. So except for older styles at outlets, I think you'll soon only be finding 50%wool and 50% cashmere at U.S. stores.
  8. I've got the 100% cashemere novacheck and it's so unbeleivable soft, I love it!
  9. im going to the burberry outlet in michigan city this friday and i was wondering if you guys know how much they're selling the scarf for? is it alot cheaper than the regular stores?
  10. I've got a beautiful dark red (brick? lol!) cashmere muffler. I was looking at the nova check scarves for a while, but then I noticed the array of... sale colors. I picked it up in New York in 2005, marked down a great deal (forgot the original price, but I got it for $233) and I snatched it up with the last of my Christmas money. It's one of the best purchases i've made. It's also the most expensive accessory I have. I just sewed the tag back on (as it's been flapping on two stitches since I bought it) and had to get two holes rewoven *sniff*. Moths are jerks. If wool is their favorite food, then cashmere must be like filet mignon.
    It's great - I can double it over and wear it as a scarf and it's wide enough to wear as a wrap.
  11. oh boy do i crave one of these scarfs!
  12. heehee, this made me laugh!:lol:
  13. I just got a burberry cashmere scarf. for $295.
  14. Hi all,

    I like Burberry cashmere scarves too. I bought one in purple at around US$300 in Hong Kong and one mini size in green from Italy at around US$150.

    Cashmere is far softer and more light-weighted than lambwool. You would love it.:tup:

    However, I recently had a very irritating shopping experience on eBay. I successfully bidded one at US$130 for a 100% cashmere scarf (regular size) from a eBay power seller. I later found out the texture of it is totally different from my two cashmere scarves. Moreover, the tags sew on it is in DARK BLUE while my two from Burberry boutique are in light beige. Could you gals here confirm me if all your Burberry cashmere scarves bear a light beige tag instead of a dark blue one??

    Thanks a lot. And I will continue to liaise with the sellers on PAYPAL for the claim.
  15. My scarf has a beige tag