Burberry scarf irritates my skin

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  1. I got my first Burberry cashmere scarf last night and was showing it to my husband when it started to itch like crazy.

    I'm so sad. I knew I have extremely sensitive skin and can't ever wear wool or cashmere sweaters even over other shirts, but I thought I'd be ok with this for some reason. Sigh, now I have to return her. I'm so disappointed, I love it so much.
  2. That's too bad. :sad:

    I also have sensitive skin but the cashmere has never bothered me.

    How about getting a silk one?
  3. I'm sorry to hear that :sad:. I have the same problem with two of my LV stoles. They're made of silk, wool and lurex and I always have to be careful when I wear them because if they touch my chin, it starts to itch as well and my skin gets red and irritated.
    All the other shawls work fine for me, except those two LV stoles. Maybe because of the lurex, I don't know.
    Maybe you should try another shawl in another material?
  4. I really wanted a warm scarf for winter. It gets so cold and now I'm walking farther to work and over the Chicago River.

    I hate being so darn sensitive to animal hairs. Boo!
  5. Awww, same here - my skin starts to itch with wool and the likes :sad: which is such a shame as those Burberry scarfs are sooo gorgeous!
  6. I'm the same way, just touching wool or cashmere in the store makes my fingers prickle. :shucks: That's too bad about your scarf! For this winter I have a big, thick knitted acrylic scarf and I look like a pioneer in it but what can you do...
  7. That must be so disappointing! I'm so excited for the cold weather we've had lately. I'm officially the first person at work to wear a scarf to work, lol. I also have sensitive skin occasionally my Burberry scarfs will bug me, when they do I just switch to one of my Nordie scarfs. I don't know if you've looked at the Nordies brand cashmere scarfs, as much as I love my Burberry scarfs I love these just as much. IMO they are MUCH softer than Burberry scarfs. And comes in tons of colors. They don't look like they wouldn't be warm because they are thin but trust me they are warm. I just wear mine looped around my neck. http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2815691?origin=category&resultback=734
  8. Thanks ladies. I really really want to keep it anyway, even though I know that's a foolish option. I just can't wear cashmere or any other wool. Thanks for the Nordstrom scarf suggestion - maybe I'll head over there and check them out.