Burberry Scarf at Bloomies...DISCOUNT CODE WORKS?

  1. I've heard from many people that they were able to purchase their Burberry scarves with the "store-wide discount" from Bloomies. Has anyone ever done this before on TPF? There's a store-wide discount going on right now, but I can't get it to work on the Burberry scarves! Please help asap!
  2. I just read the exclusions, Burberry is on the list! =(
  3. Awww, that's horrible. I was planning to purchase a couple for x-mas presents. I wonder how the other people were able to use it on Burberry...
  4. The in-store sale is always different so maybe they got in in-stores?

    I'm hoping to go to the outlet this weekend. I want one so bad!
  5. How much discount!? I've been looking to purchase another one of those cashmere checks! Anyone going to the store any time soon?>