Burberry scarf $80

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  1. gone
  2. aww how did it loook?
  3. Aww I always miss out!
  4. which scarf was it??
  5. I want a rose scarf! It seems like the cashmere scarf in rose never goes on sale!
  6. wow $140? great find!
  7. Quick bump, but if you're near a Von Maur, they had the pink cashmere and the Nova check wool scarves on clearance for about the same price.

    Just FYI for those looking for a Burberry scarf!
  8. This scarf in Rose is available. I was able to put it in my shopping bag
  9. That's strange, it's saying it's the 4" X 28" . I'm pretty sure when the OP originally posted, the link was showing the 10" X 72" one. :confused1:
  10. ^^ yah maybe it's a different one, but the original Link takes you to a scarf that's in stock, so you just have to be careful before ordering.
  11. Still there! I'm debating about ordering one.
  12. Got one! Thanks for the great tip!