Burberry Scarf $67 @ NM

  1. cute scarf! but out of stock =(
  2. Keep checking! They keep popping up on the site, but you have to grab them immediately!
  3. Great deal, still not available tho.
  4. Gone! :sad:
  5. Its so cute!
  6. Great deal! I wish I was a bit quicker!
  7. It's gone...
    Though, it is so cute..
  8. Aw that is cute! And for $67, it's a steal!~

    This might sound dumb, but how is it $67 dollar? There's a code I assume?
  9. so cute! I guess I'll have to stalk the website for a while now!
  10. NM canceled my order :sad:
  11. Sorry to hear that! The strange thing is that all burberry clothes disappeared during additional 40% or 50% off period and appeared again after the sale was finished.
  12. I think the OP posted when NM was having their additional 50% off sale items sale.