Burberry Sample Sale store at Woodbury Commons

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  1. Wow, I was just there on Monday and there were SO MANY BAGS! :wtf: My knowledge of the different styles is very limited but they had 2 gorgeous ones that were like dark caramel coloured leather and check, and about a gazillion other bags... wow! At 250$ a pop, I thought that was a pretty good deal! Didn't get anything as I had already spent way too much on this trip (to my dismay as there were some killer bags there!) ... Either way, all of you Burberry lovers should pop in, they had really nice stuff and it was cheap :graucho:

    Just checked on NM for styles and I know for sure that they had the Brook Metallic Hobo that retails for 891$... at 250$ that's quite a steal! And I'm pretty certain that they had the Sliced Check Manor... (1795$)

    So if you are looking for these bags, hurry they only had one of each!
  2. OMG! Where is that woman?????
  3. It's part of the Chelsea Premium Outlets. This one is in Central Valley, NYC :smile:
  4. yep, i was there a couple of weeks ago and got a chocolate brown shearling coat for $500!
  5. ^ Yeah, my mom got a gorgeous long white duvet winter jacket for a mere 200$ ... !!! I would say it must retail for several hundreds more lol!
  6. I am thinking of taking a trip to the burberry sample sale, but I live in MI (9-10 hour) trip. I was wondering if anyone has gone and is it worth it? Do they have lots of bags and are the prices good? I went to the sample sale in Vegas last year and it was great!

  7. I went, but didn't buy anything. There were several bags. I think the prices on the bags started around $250, but I can't remember for sure.
  8. I went recently and it was ok but I only got a cell phone holder. I wouldn't make a trip just for that! Gucci had great stuff as well as the other designer stores. You might wanna hold out till the labour day weekend. That's they have big sales.
  9. I wish Canada had sample sales.
  10. I wish St. Louis would!
  11. Oooh are they gonna have another in vegas? I wanna go...

    Where did Gucci have theirs at?
  12. Has anyone else gone to the sample sale? More info please.
  13. I wish Greece had Sample Sales I miss them from New York.
  14. Hi, I went there last sunday. There's lots of clothes. But really couldn't tell it's burberry unless you look closer to the tags :smile:. There were also bunch of skinny heels sandals in pink, green colors, no nova check for I think $29.99, (not really sure, it can range from 29.99 - 49.99). There were beach slippers for $19.99 with novacheck and green trim. (I think I just saw a couple). There's a white leather barrel bag with stripes straps for I believed $249. They don't have price tags, you have to look up at the board they'd hang up for the prices. It was in different place though. Farther from the burberry store.
    Maybe, just maybe they will put some more merchandise out in the future. Coz they don't have anything exciting right now. I hope this helps. :smile:
  15. Yes, it helps a lot. thanks! I'm going to woodburys soon to the gucci store but I wanted to know how much extra cash I should bring just in case.