Burberry Sale

  1. Burberry Sale! :nuts: Started on 12/26 yesterday. Not much of a sale but better than nothing. There are a few scarfs on sale as well.

    Burberry - Sale
  2. yeah- someone announced it actually Christmas Eve I believe 12/24 - they had the quilted black to-the-knee coat w/ plaid lining for like $300.
  3. arrhhh!!!!!! I will have to check it out when back I am on Michigan Ave this weekend - I am sure by then everything will be picked over!!!
  4. I got this jacket at the sale. I wish it were a little longer. Otherwise its a beautiful jacket.

  5. I was hoping the Icon collection might go on sale.
  6. Ahh I really wanted that jacket but they don't have any left in my size on the website :sad:
  7. what size are you looking for? There was an 8 in the Atlanta store left.
  8. Oh I'm a size xs or 0, but thank you! Maybe ill call around
  9. Get the item number and name off the website and if you call a store they will be able to track down the size for you.
  10. Thanks for the heads up!! I think I will do just that!
  11. They have holiday crackers? I wonder what's in those..it says a gift in a pouch..
  12. I ordered a quilted knee length jacket and I ordered my regular size - soooooo snug - I had to go up a size. Is Burberry inconsistent?
  13. Each style of the quilted jackets fit differently.
  14. Additional Product info link says :

    contents are a selection of silver tone compact mirror, set of dominos, measuring tape, deck of cards, clothes pin or picture frame key chain.
  15. Ah thanks!! Guess I didn't check far enough haha :lol: