Burberry Sale

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Heads up everyone!

    Starting Thursday, Nov. 30, 30%-40% selected items! :yahoo:
  2. Awesome, Will this be online too?
  3. Thanks, I want a new scarf.
  4. thats awesome will it be valid online?? do you have to enter a code or is it just certain items?
  5. Sweet! Thanks!!~
  6. Their sale is usually online as well.
  7. Excellent, thanks!
  8. thanks!!! :smile:
  9. perfecto! Thanks for the info!
  10. thanks!
  11. Awesome! Then I should wait to see if the bag I want is on sale. Thanks! =) Oh, I wonder how long the free shipping will last?
  12. hi all, what's the online website?? thanks
  13. Thanks for the info! =)
  14. Darn - I already have the Candy Check Satchel.
    Wonder if the regular check tan bags will go on sale ???
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