Burberry Sale

  1. Burberry is having their biggest sale of the season (so they say) starting on Dec. 20th.
    Let's just hope it is better then their last sale. I am not sure if the online site is on sale.
  2. Thanx for the info!! i asked a SA this past weekend if they would have a sale after xmas and she said shes not sure but Im sure whatever hasnt been sold from the previous sale will carry on and hopefully with bigger discounts!!
  3. do you know whats going to be on sale on December 20th? handbags? shoes? clothes? etc
  4. trenches?
  5. Does anyone have a way of finding out if it's online? I'd love a scarf....
  6. Subscribing .
  7. I was just at the boutique here on monday and almost everything was already on sale ..at least in the mens department except for the usual stuff that never goes on sale...so is this an even better sale ?
  8. I'm looking for a large nova check tote...wonder if I'll have any luck...
  9. Burberry.com is stating 30-40% off but the most I've found on the things I want is 25% off? Anyone else find this?
  10. I just talked to my SA and the constance quilted jacket wont be going on sale :sad:
  11. Additional markdowns have been taken and most items are 50% off.:nuts:
  12. Most of the handbags I just looked at online are about half price - good deal for fans of Burberry.
  13. Does anyone think there may be additional markdowns?
  14. thats what i wanna know. i want the mens embossed check wallet and wouldnt mind getting for cheaper than 129 :drool: plus i know my mom would like to purchase another bag from them, especially if there will be further markdowns :tup:
  15. I hope there will be one on the 26th (boxing day). But then again somebody might purchase the item you have your eye on between now and then. So if you really love it and can justify the current price I would snap it up.

    I am LIKING but not LOVING some items so I will wait for a further markdown, and if they disappear between now and then I won't feel too awful.