Burberry Sale

  1. Got a card in the mail yesterday. 30 to 40% off at Burberry starting the 29th. I believe in store and on line.
  2. thanks! Love Burberry!
  3. nice does anyone know whats going to be onsale?
  4. yeah received the same card...wonder whats gonna be on sale too...=)
  5. ooH i hope scarves go on sale!
  6. do they say when the sale ends? i *just* bought a scarf, i need the sale to start now so I can get a price adjustment!!
  7. I will check my card when I get home and report back.
  8. what about the Oulet Burberry..would they go on SALE more.???
    or only the regular store only ???

  9. for the online portion of the sale do u know if we need a coupon code? i doubt it but just wanted to confirm.
  10. Yay thanks for letting us know.
  11. It's online also and it doesn't state when it ends.
  12. Thanks so much for the info!!!
  13. Thanks! I almost bought a scarf on line from them last night, now I have to wait. It's so hard to wait. I've been wanting to order from the Gap and Macys and I'm being patient, biting my tongue, tapping my fingers, yanking out my hair...
  14. Yay ! I'm such a burberry whore at the moment
  15. my card didn't give an online code, just said sale starts 11/29 & check for their store location...so I think on the 29th the prices shown will be of the markdown.

    also based on 'check store location' , i'm thinking the outlet might be having some sale too...since it is one of their 'stores'. :rolleyes: or is that wishful thinking hee hee