Burberry Sale

  1. Burberry sale starts thrusday!
  2. what will this include - purses, clothes.... Is this online or in the stores? What is the discount?

  3. I think it's online and in store, right? I know seasonal style bags will be on sale (not classic plaid).
  4. Oh no! Last time they had a sale I bought something. I can't buy anything now b/c I just bought a new IF bag...DH will killllllll me!
  5. Oh CRAP! I have my eye on the large tote. I bet that wont be onsale.

    I am gonna be in so bad trouble this week!
    Thanks for the tip
  6. The postcard I got said 30-40% off selected items only.

    The last time I got the coupon and checked the sale out it was only a few wallets and some key chains. It was not an impressive selection to say the least.

    Hopefully, it will be different this time.
  7. I so want a checked tote but I am positive it won't be on sale!
  8. Some cute handbags on sale, but not as cheap as the last time they had a sale.
  9. Give it another 2 wks or so and they usually will mark it down even more. I just checked their sale and I'm not impressed with their bags selection. :hrmm:
  10. The sale is online too.
  11. I checked this morning, I dont see any new sale items just the same baby blue bags. Am I looking in the wrong place? I would love to see new sale items.
  12. Same prices as the outlet stores (at least on the check handbags)
  13. They have the same ugly blue checker print bags but they added some new leather bags. You have to click on the "leather" bags under the sales page to view them.
  14. went into the stores today (at Santana Row in Nor Cal) and I really am not impressed with the sales selection there is. I was hoping to at least get some accessories
  15. Oooh....thank you for this post guys!!!! :flowers:

    I had been considering buying the Portrait Tote as a diaper bag, but decided to buy a different diaper bag instead. Because of this thread, I went back to see if it was marked down and it was, so I bought it!!! :biggrin:

    Thanks again!!! :yes: