Burberry Sale!

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  1. OMG, the stuff that was on sale is reduced even further. I can't remember who it was that wanted that nice white leather purse. It was $900-940 on sale but it's now reduced to $400/500.
  2. The second cut sale started today. They're a ton of stuff in the stores that's not available online, so call up your local shop!
  3. Is it online too?
  4. I just came here to post this very same thing.
    Some of the prices are really incredible.
  5. I just looked online too- not too many purses. Rats, I live so far away from a Burberry store
  6. same here, can only shop online :sad:
  7. too bad the slip on sneakers aren't available in my size. :tdown:
  8. Yay for those who live by a Burberry! (doesn't include me unfotunately :p)
  9. times like this i feel so lucky to live in NYC!
  10. Just left burberry store lots of great deals!!! I scored a cute wallet and a pair of sneakers for $2OO bf tax.
    They had tons of wallets and quite a few purses as well, not so many shoes though!
  11. stopped by burberry beverly hills and they had lots of great sale prices indeed! didnt end up getting anything for myself but there were def great values. I thought i would report some items i saw there if any of u are interested =)....

    This leather tote was about half price i think

    they also had this nylon tote in white for :heart:00

    this check rainboot for 99

    this cute check also on sale forgot how much

    finally lots of men striped polos for 69-89

    hope some of you find this helpful!
  12. So glad I have a Burberry here. So many things to pick from.
  13. Did you pick anything?
  14. Yay! I picked up a smocked scarf in Camel! Now I just have to wait for winter :sad:! It was such a great deal!
  15. i hope they have it online as well. how i wish i'm in the States NOW!!