Burberry Sale starting May 31st

  1. I got a post card from Burberry saying sale items will be 30 to 40% off. No other info :push:
  2. ooh thanks for posting! I know it should include trenchcoats.
  3. There is burberry sale in sydney store which already started. They are having 30% off the christmas collection bags (red manor etc) and leather goods and 60% on selected clothing:smile:
  4. Burberry had their private sale here a couple of weeks ago and I must say they had some pretty awesome stuff there in the way of clothing. Bags weren't too great though.
  5. Yes! from my memory they had the latest seasonal bag on sale too ( for men ), and all the bags from the chirstmas collection ( red coloured bags were all on sale):yes:
  6. I was at the pre sale but no classic trench coats on sale at my local store though....you are lucky
  7. What?!?! The trench coats go on sale?

    I just purchased one for full price last weekend!!!! The classic short trench..
  8. did anybody see or does anyone know if the burberry nautical tote with red patent piping....is part of the sale??? shux i saw it on sale but 25% off only at NM online
  9. yup! this bag is on sale - with the patent leather - in white and red - with the rope around it. That's definitely included. It's mostly solid leather though...not the plaid :sad:
  10. any of the shoes on sale?

    i'm wanting espadrilles...