Burberry Sale online

  1. I was just on the Burberry website and some of their sale bags are now 1/2 off!!! :tup:
  2. the mens embossed check wallet i had been eyeing is only 129!! :drool: does anyone know if there will be any further reductions? id like to buy it for cheaper! :upsidedown: I wonder if i should wait till i go to vegas this weekend and purchase it at the boutique :graucho:
  3. I hope there are additional markdowns.:nuts:
  4. crosses fingers
  5. Oh...wish I would not have seen this thread. I thank you- my wallet hates you!
  6. Cute stuff, thanks for sharing!
  7. Holy crap!!! Awesome prices!
  8. The Manor bags are on sale!!! Yipee!! My local boutiques are on sale too! The Beatons and the Manors are 50% off. And they are crowded with people. I'm gonna search for a Manor with a color of my choice now!!
  9. Darn, the bag that I want is not on sale, yet...:sad: Thanks for the heads up, though!
  10. Yeeeeeeeeeeeehhh, I also just noticed and was waiting for it impatiently!!!! I got the minimanor in tan! I wanted this bag for sooooo long, but wouldn't allow myself to buy it until it was 50% off...
  11. will have to check it out!!!