Burberry Sale online

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  1. might have to order a pair of rain boots.
  2. Get this! I went on the website and found a pair of sandals I wanted - the quilted sandals - reg. $285 on sale for $189 - just tried these on the other day! I put them in my shopping bag in red - size 7. Went back just a little while ago and my shopping bag was empty. No problem - some websites do that! But...when I went to put them back in, they had disappeared from the sale section! Lo and behold - now they are back up to the regular price!

    I called customer service - they basically told me they don't know what happened, but I am screwed!

    Boo Burberry! :cursing:

  3. I went to the store today and didn't find much. All the good stuff isn't on sale, but there are some nice scarves.
  4. Oh bisbee! That's aggravating. Shoot... someone figured out that pair of sandals just should not have been on sale.

    I just ordered this...

    I love it!!!! :yes:

  5. Thanks, I must check it out.