Burberry SAle in Australia?

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  1. does any one know when Burberry goes on sale in Australia? Or have I missed it already?
  2. I think it will be 1-7; just like all big places in the world. Maybe you can send them a mail? Good luck!!
  3. May I ask what do you mean by 1-7? Thanks :smile:
  4. They've been on sale since the first days of June... They've already went from 20% reductions to 50% and will probably end around early July since they went on sale before everyone else...
  5. Confirmed above. Several of their items are up to 60% off at the moment. Of course with Aus's (double the price of nearly any other country, pricing) that really only brings it into line with US RRP for many items. I find the outerwear to be the most outrageously priced here compared to US\UK, bags and accessories though seem to be only slightly higher.
  6. Went there and couldnt find any coat or jacket that are on sale that i like :sad: