Burberry repairs

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  1. Does anyone know if Burberry charges for bag repairs?

    I have a Burberry Prorsum Knight Satchel that I love. Unfortunately, even with my good care, FOUR of the studs have fallen off the bag - which I put into semi-early retirement since I can't stand to use it in less than perfect condition.

    I've tried before to get the bag fixed but poor customer service on the phone and at one Burberry store got in my way. I finally got in touch with someone at corporate today, who told me just to go into my local store and have the manager send it to the repair shop for assessment.

    Just wondering if anyone has successfully had a bag (or anything else) repaired by Burberry - and if so, what it cost. Thanks!
  2. It depends on the bag and the damage. Do take it to the store and show it to them because they repair it sometimes or replace it sometimes witha new item.:smile:
  3. i have problems with my burberry nova check tote... it's only 7 months but the fabric was torn.... i think Burberry has a very bad quality and I will never buy Burberry again ever....


    Does anyone know if this can be repaired?

    The SA in my country is not as helpful as the SA in other countries and i am so dissapointed with Burberry....
  4. I am sorry to hear that but that looks repairable...why not take it to a specialist?
  5. I took my Mini Manor in over the summer to my local store to inquire about having one of the handles repaired/replaced after my cat decided to chew (yikes!) on it. The manager took my info and told me that it would be sent to New York where thy would take a look at it and do their best to match the color of the leather; if they couldn't match it, they'd replace both handles at additional cost. The repair cost quoted was more than appropriate and the turn around time was less than a month. The best part? When I returned to the store to pick up the bag, they didn't even charge me what they had quoted for the one handle! I should note that I am in there somewhat regularly but not always as a buyer and a few SA's recognize me and/or know me by name so a good relationship will only make for a better experience IMO.

    As a side note, many retailers use a private cleaning service that is typically local for items that require care beyond what the store can do.. For the San Diego area, Margaret's is the go to place. Any SA should be able to recommend the one they use in your area. Chances are, they all use the same place.
  6. I had to get my Burberry purse repaired a few years ago, the handle was tearing from the leather (I used to travel a lot and stupidly filled my purse to the brim for the plane... I know) so it finally gave way and began breaking. I also broke the zipper because of this so it was a big fix. They sent it out and it took a few months to get it back but I recall the price for the repair not being bad at all. When I finally got it back, it looked great!! As a side note, I also asked if they could clean the blue jean dye that transferred to the leather (from rainy weather) but they told me that was basically hopeless :sad: Definitely take it to a store and get it fixed. They did a great job with mine!
  7. Do you recommend a particular SA at the burberry in San Diego?
  8. I love burberry and I have never experienced any problems with their products and my mom has no problems with her purses from burberry to. Maybe take your burberry items to the burberry store and ask for a repair quote. Hope your items will be fixed.
  9. I had my smoked check bowling bag repaired last year. The leather on the bottom of the bag was worn, exposing the piping inside. Burberry fixed it for free. Only took a few weeks.
  10. I have a wallet I bought back in 2005. Unlike bags, I tend to buy a wallet and then use only that wallet for years, which is the case with this one. Are they willing to repair a wallet that old? The interior leather is in good shape but there's some loose threads on the outside and the weather-proof canvas is cracked on the edges. I am wondering how much repairs run, ball park. I don't really want to buy a new one because I'm trying to be a little less wasteful and hang onto my things for longer, but if it costs as much as buying a new one, well... >.>