Burberry Rainboots return/exchange question


Apr 14, 2009
So after months of yearning after my Burberry rainboots I finally took the plunge and got them this weekend with the Bloomies F&F (Haymarket Check). Just my luck that my Aunt decided to get me a pair as an early graduation present ( Nova Check) from Burberry and gave them to me this morning.....after I wore the ones I purchased:nogood:. Here's my questions :

Should I keep both? or return the pair my Aunt purchased?
How difficult would it be to return the pair she purchased for me without a receipt? Where should I try returning it to?

I would really like to --if at all possible-- to return the pair she got me and pay the remainder to purchase a matching scarf for the Haymarket.

HELP!! What to do!!??:pout:


Feb 15, 2008
Return it. I think you can take it to the Burberry store and they can look up the transaction.