burberry rainboots - how to tell authenticity?

  1. Hi! I'm not sure if i was supposed to post this in the Authenticate This thread but i didn't because I didn't have any links to show.

    I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not Burberry rainboots were ever faked and if so, how can you tell which ones are fake/real?

    They're simply ... the novacheck design wrapped in clear rubber!

    Anyone know what are some authenticity giveaways?

    I was considering purchasing a pair of the rainboots on eBay just because it didn't seem plausible to $170+tax for rainboots. Though I might if i can't find a good pair on eBay or anywhere else...

    Also, does anyone know whether the rainboots are ever on sale and where I can find them? I don't think i've ever seen a pair at the outlets.

    thanks so much in advance!
  2. i'd like to know too thanks!