burberry rain/snowboots?

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  1. Not for me
  2. Uhh...

    lol I'm usually up for anything burberry (haha I can be tacky like that :P) and have my eye on some burberry rainboots.. but I think these are kinda.. eh. :throwup:
  3. nay
  4. I like burberry shoes a lot but those are just too much. I can see why they are called "moon boots"
  5. Sorry! Like Burberry but not moonboots.
  6. Ummm... I don't really like them >.>
  7. Yikes!

    I second, third, and fourth those nays.
  8. If you are in your teens early 20's ok. At our house there are 3 pairs of Dior moon boots, Marc Jabob rain boots in gold, Pucci rain boots, and Pucci moon boots on black , pink, and gold. I showed them to my teen and she likes them. Have you seen the Burburry boots on logo and patent? They are on the Burberry site, nice! Good luck with your decision. If you decide to get them my advice would be to use a Burberry bag in that pattern or a basic black bag. We are are really not into mixing logos. However, that is also a personal decision.
  9. its too much for me, i can say right off the bat, but wanted to see how others sat with it. thanks for the info!